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Interested in having The Chris Greene Quartet give a concert, clinic, lecture or demonstration at your school or university? Want to have Chris Greene give a masterclass in technique or improvisation to your saxophone section? Interested in private lessons? Please email Chris Greene at cg [at]

"Chris Greene and Damian Espinosa of the Chris Greene Quartet came to the Early Learning Center during the Week of the Young Child this school year and delighted our preschool students with their wonderful musical skills.  They shared information about their instruments and the type of music they were playing.  Not only did the students have a wonderful experience listening to the saxophone and keyboard but Chris and Damian were able to get them up and moving to make it an engaging experience. We look forward to bringing them back in the future."

- Barb Golik, Principal, First Steps Preschool

"Chris Greene and his quartet delivered! Whether it was the enjoyably complicated yet accessible compositions, the fluid improvisations, or the warmth of Greene’s personality, faculty, parents and students found something to inspire. Through their obvious camaraderie, the quartet brought the spirit collaborative and spontaneous music to our school, and through their example, inspired students to seek further musical relationships and collaborations. The quartet’s performance positively inspired my students and created lasting musical memories that my students are still talking about. We hope to have the CGQ back soon so the next batch of students can experience the same."

- Bryan Kyrouac, Director of Bands, Northbrook School District 28.


"We had the pleasure of having the Chris Greene Quartet as guest artists for our annual jazz clinic. The band was excited to learn and motivated to play their best as a result of having the band there. Chris is a masterful teacher who uses all of his performance experience to guide young improvisers to truly explore the limits of their abilities. As a saxophone coach, my students improved greatly in both concept and musicianship. The same is true for Marc, Damian, and Steve. As a guest conductor, Chris was able to coax new ideas out of the jazz band which stuck with them after the clinic. I would highly recommend Chris and the Chris Greene Quartet for any masterclass or workshop in which you may need the services of great teachers. Highly recommended."

- Ausberto Acevedo - Director of Orchestras and Jazz Band River Forest, School District 90

"Thank you so much for coming to visit the students at Harold Washington College! The solos, cohesiveness, and musical communication of your group were great. Our students really benefited from the topics you covered as well. We will be in touch regarding having you back next year!"

- Matthew Shevitz, D.M.A.. Associate Professor and Chair of Humanities & Music Department, Harold Washington College

"Chris and his quartet were professional and offered a wonderful clinic experience to our three jazz ensembles. The insight they gave into improvisation, musical interaction, and communication as an ensemble was extremely valuable. I would have them back in a heartbeat!"

- Austin O'Brien, Director of Bands, Saint Patrick High School

"From the moment he started giving the combo instruction, it was obvious he was able to connect with the students. Then he demonstrated some of what he was discussing with the students by playing for them. They rarely get to hear someone up close who has such mastery over his instrument. When he started to work with the jazz band, he gave them great instruction to help them take their performance ability up to the next level. He worked with them on building and sustaining energy, clarity of articulation, and playing together for a “tight” sound. Not only did the kids learn a lot from this clinic, but I did as well. I am excited for the next time Mr. Greene can come out to work with us again."

- Matthew Janus - Director of Bands, Gemini Junior High School.

“Chris and his quartet did a fantastic job of firing up our jazz students when playing for the opening night of our jazz program. His musical colleagues were eager to share their ideas with the kids, and they did a great job of integrating the students into an informal jam session in the workshop.”

- Dr. David Fodor, Director of Bands, Evanston Township High School.

"It was a real pleasure having Chris at Knox College. Chris' passion for music is evident not only in his exceptionally creative approach to improvisation, composition, arranging, and musical interaction and communication in performance, but also in his interest in working with students at every level. He brings a rich knowledge of harmony, improvisational theory and technique together with a genuine love of the music and conveys these with an easy-going style infused with a lot of humor and fun."

- Nikki Whittaker-Malley, Director of Jazz Studies, Knox College.

"[The Chris Greene Quartet] offer a unique opportunity for students to work with young professional jazz musicians from the Chicago area. They relate well with students and are all good teachers. You couldn't find better role models than these young musicians."

- Dominic Piane, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

"Chris Greene's Quartet provided my three jazz groups with great clinic experiences. All the band members were articulate, and they demonstrated a true enthusiasm for their art and for sharing it with young musicians. The guys were able to demonstrate what happens when a group of musicians really does think as one - and they were able to show that to my jazz band students.The kids were impressed with their expertise, and they were delighted with the kind regard the band had for young musicians. I've been teaching for over thirty years and I've worked with a lot of jazz musicians in clinic situations. The Chris Greene Quartet is better than most at articulating what they do - and how they do it - for young players. I'd certainly ask them to come back again - and next time, set aside more time!"

-Jeff Waggoner, Director of Bands, Hinsdale Central High School

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